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JS Party

Ten years of TypeScript bliss

Nick celebrates a decade of writing everyone’s favorite language with guest Josh Goldberg, who contributes to TypeScript, maintains typescript-eslint, and is an all-around great person! Jerod is also here to join the celebration, but let’s keep that a secret from him!

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - It's party time, y'all
(00:55) - Welcoming Josh back to the show
(03:33) - Jerod "doxxes" Josh
(07:58) - Let's talk about TypeScript
(11:54) - Getting into TS
(18:10) - When Nick Nisi hesitates...
(21:04) - Nick airs his early TS grievances
(30:50) - Present day TS
(39:17) - Sponsor: Changelog News
(40:54) - Even Postgres gets an LSP
(41:42) - An aside: Neovim
(45:27) - Nick bashes TS
(47:48) - Feeling the pain
(50:18) - TSLint & complexity
(52:14) - The JSDoc trend
(59:24) - Josh's competition hot take
(1:00:37) - Major TS pain points
(1:03:01) - What Josh wants in TS
(1:04:32) - Will Jerod ever use TS?
(1:05:47) - Closing call to ACTION
(1:07:09) - Next up on the pod
(1:08:14) - BONUS++ (FOR ALL)

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