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Take me to Val Town

Val Town is a shiny, new social programming environment to write, run, deploy and share code. Steve Krouse –Val Town creator– joins Jerod & Amal to tell us all about it.

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - It's party time, y'all
(00:55) - Welcoming Steve
(03:22) - A great concept
(13:36) - "Sent from my phone"
(17:24) - What does my code live?
(24:01) - Fraud & abuse
(25:24) - Sponsor: Changelog News
(26:32) - Smart people behind it
(28:33) - The business side of things
(34:01) - Getting your data
(36:58) - Sharing is caring
(38:56) - Discovering Vals
(40:57) - Large Val-based systems
(47:55) - The pricing story
(50:13) - Val's tech stack
(52:05) - Questions from the chat
(55:57) - Security concerns
(58:08) - Closing time
(59:06) - Next up on the pod

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