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JS Party

See you later, humans!

Jerod & the gang catch you up on what’s new and poppin’ in the web development world. We go deep on GitHub Copilot X and the latest AI advancements, take a bathroom break while Nick talks about TypeScript 5 & continue the debate about the future of React.

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - It's party time, y'all
(01:03) - Welcome, friends
(01:47) - GitHub Copilot X
(05:21) - GPT-4 in your editor
(10:39) - GPT-4 in your docs & PRs
(14:24) - The other Copilot
(17:22) - Copilot all the things
(19:52) - See you later, humans!
(21:47) - Mozilla & AI for the rest of us
(24:15) - Where's Apple?
(26:44) - Adobe is doing cool stuff
(29:11) - Copilot in interviews?
(32:52) - Sponsor: Changelog++
(33:47) - Nick's beloved TypeScript 5.0
(36:05) - Unbreak Nick's heart
(37:20) - TypeScripters are vegan?!
(38:37) - TypeScript vs K8s adoption
(41:42) - Enom-nom-erators
(42:33) - A compelling argument
(44:03) - launches
(46:12) - Debating the future of React
(54:04) - The bigger problem of too much JS
(57:20) - Nuance wrt DX vs UX
(59:31) - The need to evaluate
(1:00:40) - Nick's beshoveled TypeScript
(1:01:30) - Nick tries to have the final word
(1:04:13) - KBall steals the final word
(1:06:26) - Amal gets the actual final word
(1:08:12) - Quick wrap up
(1:08:37) - Next up on the pod

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