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Reports of Node's death are greatly exaggerated

Amal, KBall & Chris convene a “semi-emergency” pod to discuss the recent (deserved) hype over Bun and what it all means for Node’s community, maintainers & users.

They’re joined by Node Technical Steering Committee members Matteo Collina & James Snell who are here to dispel Bun antagonism rumors, discuss the pros & cons of each runtime, explain how Node continues to thrive & even announce a VERY big upcoming feature!

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - It's party time, y'all
(00:39) - Sponsor: Convex
(04:23) - Welcoming Matteo & James
(09:29) - How Node is structured
(13:47) - Manufactured controversy
(20:10) - Hints of Node's success
(26:22) - diff node bun
(31:54) - Paying for performance
(40:20) - On scale and bottlenecks
(45:26) - Sponsor: Appwrite
(48:09) - Bun for tests & CI?
(50:37) - Bun performance trade-offs
(54:33) - Security features & compromise
(56:01) - Node's legacy patina
(1:03:39) - What breaking Node looks like
(1:05:46) - Zig talk
(1:10:00) - Node maintainers
(1:14:12) - Amal's announcement
(1:17:47) - The money question
(1:22:37) - Node needs to learn what people want
(1:26:18) - Announcement! Announcement!
(1:29:18) - Listener Q: Eric Clemmons
(1:34:54) - Listener Q: Kyle Beard
(1:37:55) - Connecting with Matteo & James
(1:39:01) - Wrapping up
(1:39:31) - Next up on the pod

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