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Reflecting on Bun's big launch

Fresh off Bun’s big 1.0 launch, Jarred Sumner goes one-on-one with Jerod to discuss the all-in-one JavaScript runtime that’s captured the interest of many. We get into it all: what problem he’s solving, how it’s so fast, why no Windows support, answering the critics, the (not real) beef between Bun and Node, how the VC-backed startup will sustain & more.

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - It's party time, y'all
(00:53) - Welcoming Jarred to the show
(01:45) - Surprised by the success?
(02:27) - Why so much interest?
(03:07) - What problem was he trying to solve?
(05:49) - Why Zig?
(08:19) - Is Zig a barrier to contributing?
(11:22) - What goes in to a 1.0?
(12:30) - Less critics than expected?
(13:49) - What about Windows support?
(14:34) - What's the state of Node compat?
(15:59) - Sponsor: Appwrite
(18:33) - How are you so productive?
(20:30) - Are Bun & Node enemies?
(22:55) - How does Bun achieve its performance?
(27:33) - Are there security trade-offs?
(29:36) - Is Bun the new Yarn?
(31:58) - What about the company behind Bun?
(33:09) - Similar business model to Deno?
(35:42) - Is Bun more vs Deno or Node?
(36:36) - How does Oven approach community?
(37:44) - Sponsor: Changelog News
(39:11) - What happens to Bun if Oven dies?
(42:40) - How do you balance business vs dev?
(42:59) - What would you love to hack on next?
(44:24) - Where does the name come from?
(45:20) - Daniel Buckmaster: Hardest part of Node compat?
(47:06) - What are people building with Bun?
(48:57) - KBall: What role do you see Bun playing in JS ecosystem?
(51:30) - How to get hired at Bun?
(52:03) - Closing time
(52:25) - Next up on the pod (JS Party 300!)

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