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Refined thinking

Jim (Hyphen) Nielsen joins Jerod & Nick for a fun conversation about language-level toll roads, when (and how) to quit, the stratification of social networking & the state of the world in publishing your thoughts on the internet.

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - It's party time, y'all
(00:55) - Hello, hello
(02:04) - Welcoming Jim to the show
(05:15) - The trough of AI disillusionment
(06:19) - The Thing of the Moment
(07:25) - Language-level Toll Roads
(22:15) - The art of knowing when to quit
(30:24) - Shout out to Metalsmith
(32:17) - But HOW do you quit?
(38:22) - Stratification of social networking
(43:49) - A podcaster's perspective
(53:13) - On Mastodon
(57:25) - RSS *is* the indie social web
(1:01:33) - Closing time
(1:03:05) - Next up on the pod (Changelog++!)

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