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JS Party

Recreating Node.js from scratch

Node core committer Erick Wendel joins Jerod & KBall to talk us through how he created his own JS runtime using V8, Libuv & more. Along the way we learn from his learnings, wrap our heads around the differences between Node, Bun & Deno, and talk about creating awesome content for developers… whether they like it or not!

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - It's party time, y'all!
(01:03) - Welcoming Erick to the show
(03:19) - Holla! BeJS CONF
(05:20) - Erick's Node.js research
(08:59) - Powered by V8
(17:41) - Where libuv fits in
(21:25) - Competing runtimes
(30:55) - Sponsor: KBall Growth
(31:38) - First steps to recreate Node
(35:23) - Drawing clear lines around V8
(44:09) - Jerod breaks ChatGPT
(45:05) - Erick's curious about React Native
(47:04) - Persistence and video games
(49:20) - The content creator's dilemma
(51:58) - Erick's publishing formula
(54:30) - Erick's final words
(55:13) - KBall's final words
(56:45) - Jerod's final words
(57:25) - The wrap up
(58:57) - Next up on the pod

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