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Party on PartyKit

With a name like PartyKit, you know we just had to get its founder and CEO Sunil Pai on the show! PartyKit is an open source tool that simplifies creating collaborative, multiplayer applications. Join us to learn all about it and the journey of Sunil and his team!

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - It's party time, y'all
(00:39) - Sponsor: Appwrite
(03:11) - Welcoming Sunil
(05:37) - Getting to know Sunil
(11:33) - Sunil on immigration
(14:11) - What is PartyKit?
(31:22) - How Cloudflare primitives help
(36:25) - On durable objects
(39:28) - More players is good
(40:48) - PartyKit's value prop
(43:30) - EVERYONE in the world
(48:33) - The developer experience
(52:19) - Success stories
(59:09) - Is npm necessary?
(1:05:22) - Audio/video plans
(1:07:05) - Let's talk pricing
(1:08:40) - Company structure
(1:11:42) - On raising funds
(1:16:28) - Game SDKs
(1:18:29) - Talking to young Sunil
(1:21:24) - Connecting with Sunil
(1:22:35) - Next up on the pod

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