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Nick & KBall's "Coffee Talk"

Grab a comfy seat and a hot cup of joe, because it’s time for some coffee talk with Nick & KBall! Special guest Thomas Eckert joins the party and brings a bunch of questions for us to discuss.

Who wins in a fist fight: Tailwind CSS people or “real” CSS people? Is Agile overrated? What’s the longest bug you’ve ever chased? How about some underrated libraries/packages that people should know about? And more!

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - It's party time, y'all?
(01:04) - Welcoming Thomas to the show?
(03:58) - Who wins in a fist fight?
(06:53) - Is Agile overrated?
(12:31) - How do you find stuff?
(13:52) - A deep-dive on docs?
(26:52) - Your longest bug chase?
(38:13) - How much backend should frontends know?
(44:50) - Sponsor: Changelog++?
(45:45) - Any underrated packages?
(55:44) - Final words?
(1:01:40) - Next up on the pod?

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