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Headlines and HeadLIES!

KBall and Jerod digest and disect recent JS community news (React 18, Redwood 1.0, MDN Plus) then sit down for yet another game of HeadLIES! Can KBall fare better than Nick Nisi did last April Fools?!

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Notes and Links



  1. Man says he hacked airline website to find lost luggage
  2. Raises New Funding at $14 Billion Valuation
  3. Leaked Apple memo describes the company’s plan to go fully remote by 2025
  4. Woman arrested for car theft drove another stolen car to court appearance: Dublin police
  5. First patient to communicate via brain implant asks to hear Radiohead album
  6. Exxon is mining bitcoin in North Dakota as part of its plan to slash emissions
  7. Research shows TikTok tic videos contribute to a rise in cases of girls with tics
  8. Mark Zuckerberg says it’s ‘reasonable’ that the metaverse isn’t a place but a feeling
  9. Google Search’s new ‘highly suspect’ label helps you question the source of a story
  10. As Docker gains momentum, it hauls in $105M Series C on $2B valuation

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