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Fundamentals all the way down

Austin Gil returns to JS Party, bringing a fresh perspective on the fundamentals of file uploads. Brace for an insightful session as we navigate the complexities of this key JavaScript topic together, much like a dedicated coach drilling the fundamentals into his team!

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - It's party time, y'all
(00:40) - Hoy hoy!
(02:24) - What Austin's been up to
(06:31) - Sportsball analogies
(20:58) - File uploads client-side
(23:24) - HTTP fundamentals
(31:06) -
(33:24) - Browsers representing users
(35:47) - File uploads server-side
(40:39) - Streaming vs serializing
(49:22) - Painting the bigger picture
(49:58) - On object storage
(53:56) - Getting files into object storage
(57:22) - Scanning for malware
(1:02:44) - Talkin' CDNs
(1:05:33) - Callin' in the closer
(1:05:58) - Next up on the pod

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