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Frontend Feud: CSS Podcast vs @keyframers

Una & Adam from The CSS Podcast defend their Frontend Feud title against challengers David & Shaw from the keyframers. Let’s get it on!

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Show Notes:

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(00:06) - Sponsor: Sentry
(01:55) - It's feud time, y'all!
(02:42) - Welcoming our contestants
(03:42) - Larry the intern's interview questions
(04:38) - How the game works
(06:07) - Round 1: Future JS runtime
(13:07) - Round 2: Big tech job
(19:35) - Sponsor: Lolo Code
(21:31) - Round 3: Coding monitors
(25:01) - Round 4: Can't code without
(33:58) - Round 5: Primary web browser
(37:28) - Sponsor: KBall Coaching
(38:45) - Round 6: Why write software
(45:15) - End Game
(46:54) - Interviewing the champs
(48:40) - Wrapping up (merch!)
(49:47) - Outro (more dev game shows!)

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