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CSS Color Party 🎉

Adam Argyle joins Amelia and Nick to catch them up on all the goings on within the world of CSS colors. There are a lot more options than you’d expect if you haven’t been keeping up, and Adam’s here to help you avoid the “gray dead zone”!

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - It's party time, y'all
(00:39) - Welcoming Adam back to the pod
(01:47) - CSS (and JS) colors are cool
(03:50) - A high-level little intro
(06:41) - The box of crayons
(09:46) - Who can go to Discotown?
(15:30) - The color functions
(19:44) - Sponsor: KBall Coaching
(20:25) - Gradients!
(23:50) - Bringing JS to the color party
(27:51) - What to use when
(31:10) - Best/worst case scenarios
(35:07) - Differing display support
(38:30) - What is Rec 2020?
(42:14) - What's changed in monitors
(45:11) - Color gamuts
(52:35) - Sponsor: Changelog News
(54:22) - Design tool support
(57:19) - Adam announces
(1:10:16) - Wrapping up
(1:13:05) - Next up on the pod

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