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JS Party

An intimate conversation about careers

KBall and Amal go deep on careers. They share their career journeys, talk through learnings and mishaps that happened along the way, and break down key factors to understand about big role transitions like Senior->Staff and Engineer->Manager.

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - It's party time, y'all
(00:40) - Helloooooo!
(02:18) - KBall's career journey
(10:44) - Hiding the ugly bits
(12:56) - Work-life balance
(17:30) - Amal's career journey
(36:18) - Sponsor: Changelog News
(38:19) - Transitions
(41:12) - Leadership duties
(47:36) - Going beyond senior
(50:27) - The 3 things a staff eng does
(52:41) - When is it time?
(58:42) - Driving impact
(1:00:28) - Take care, y'all
(1:00:54) - Next up on the pod

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