re: This is exactly what a dev would say. Developers have kind of become hung up on how developer-y they can appear but it must means make/create real...

I'm not really hung up on looking the part. But it would be nice if I could be more of one. I do "code" more frequently than I sometimes remember, but it's almost always vanilla CSS (I work on WordPress websites primarily).

On the plus side, even though I don't really feel like a developer, I know CSS much better now than I thought I would (though I generally don't do anything complicated).


Make a site about a topic you like on the side, code any parts you want.

CSS is very handy & will grow in power. 👍🔥

Lol and here I am trying to move to Tailwind so I can focus more on building...

I suppose you could be right. I see a lot of people make really neat things with CSS. But I'm not actually design-oriented, so using CSS all the time is kind of boring to me.

I suppose it doesn't matter what you use to make something, as long as your having a good time. Tailwind looks pretty cool, haven't actually used it for anything yet though.

Tailwind does make putting a UI together simpler.

If you do use it, definitely use it with Purgecss though. It gives you a ton of utility classes by default—color utilities for text, backgrounds, and borders; responsive variant utilities for pretty much everything... Using Purgecss when building your production CSS shrinks it to an unbelievably small size.

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