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re: At the moment I'm mostly in the same boat as you - PHP w/Laravel, Vuejs for front-end magic. I've also got quite a bit of Python kicking around an...

Wow. May I ask what this "science" project is?

And I'm also going to learn how to use Docker in the near future. I actually have a project that may require it now.


The science project is the control system for a nanotechnology fabrication plant. It sounds way, way more exciting than it actually is ;-)

I've been using Docker with CI/testing (using Gitlab) for a while now - it's been pretty nice. Just taking the plunge to production is a bit more scary!

What's scary about using it in production?

It's just a very different way of working. Having to think a lot more about storage, containers/apps appearing and disappearing, handling 'split brain' network issues etc. Compared with 'I have a VM with my app and DB' :-)

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