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Lol funny that my comment was highlighted. Thankfully, dealing with that copier is probably less than 10% of my day now (finally).

Honestly though, I was ecstatic when we got it. I hate network printers, but this one was both easy to set up and use, and it prints so much faster than anything else we've had in the office. Even I actually liked printing with it.

Now the frequently-printing coworkers just need to learn to open the printer status view and clear their own paper jams.


Haha phew! Well that's a relief. 😅

I just inherited an old printer from a relative for my house (WFH now) and I'm so not looking forward to replacing ink. But, for the time being, it's full up and printing wonders... just please don't break on me. 🤞🤞


I say this coming from having to help with the various desk printers around the office -- ink, slow response times, lost connections (on the computer's end, not the printer's) etc.

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