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Elliot Derhay
Elliot Derhay

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As a dev, how much time do you spend learning Docker?

As devs, do you learn the ins and outs of using Docker with your normal toolset or rely only on working examples and boilerplate you find online?

I know this probably seems weird to ask about such a universally-known tool as Docker. But being someone who has little time to myself, it's a pretty big question.

I'm also currently using Lando as much as I can; it's a nice abstraction. But I still occasionally run into use cases that make me wish I knew Docker.

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Akshansh Gusain

For me? Too much. Materialising the concept of building a Docker Image and running them inside a container is the most time-consuming part.

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Fabiana Asara

Docker is a valuable skill to have!!

As a junior developer has helped me a lot having a basic knowledge and understanding of Docker.
Get familiar with image, containers and dockerfile 🐳