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Check whether folder exists on the path using Node Js

Paramanantham Harrison
Originally published at on ・1 min read

fs module in Node Js has methods to check whether a folder exists in the path. We will use fs.existsSync to check whether the folder exists or not.

const fs = require('fs');

// Check folder
const checkFolder = folderPath => {
  // Throw error if folder path doesn't exist
  if (!folderPath) throw Error('folder path is required');

  // Check folder exists in the path using `fs.existsSync`
  const isFolderExist = fs.existsSync(folderPath);
  return isFolderExist;

console.log(checkFolder('blog')); // True
console.log(checkFolder('sunrises')); // False
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This way, you can check whether a folder exists or not in Node Js.

Discussion (2)

martin2844 profile image

Nice one, easy to follow

sanyaldips93 profile image
Dipayan Sanyal

Cool one. I am going to try this out.