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Joe Previte (he/him)
Joe Previte (he/him)

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Announcing - a virtual coworking space

Hi friends!

Today I'm launching the beta for a new project I've been working on:

I wrote a Twitter thread about it here:👇🏼
Link to thread

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Ben Sinclair

I don't understand what this is - the website and thread indicate it's Slack and Tandem. Maybe a slack bot helping out somehow?

I've never used Tandem, but it prompts you to sign up using Slack, so there's already deep integration there.

What does it offer over someone using Slack and Tandem themselves? Or better yet, a free software system?

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Joe Previte (he/him)

If you really look at it, it's nothing more than a Slack community with a special add-on (Tandem).

Anyone could make this themselves really :)

The hope is that it offers a community of people interested in virtual coworking.

Down the road though, I would love to build out a platform that serves the community (project tracking, accountability, etc.). Maybe something like