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florent giraud

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Today i want to introduce you to version 1 of vuepress-plugin-docgen

Why would I create such a plugin when something like vue-styleguidist is already doing the same job?

In a word: VUEPRESS

Even if vue-styleguidist is actually doing a good job, Vuepress is so much easier to use and so beautiful that i prefere using it.

So I searched for a plugin that does just that in Vuepress.

I found vuepress-plugin-component-docgen.
It was stop for a long time. I tried to help by submitting PR's but not really active.

So I rewrote the plugin entirely and then created vuepress-plugin-docgen.

You can check the documentation HERE

It is working well but still a work in progress. You can check our PROJECTS HERE to stay up to date.

Simple configuration examples:

yarn add -D vuepress-plugin-docgen

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plugins: [
  // as we respect the naming convention vuepress-plugin-docgen you can juste docgen as name
  [ 'docgen',
      componentsDir: path.join(__dirname, '../../components')

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And that's all ! You need to use the jsdoc convention and it will work really well :).

Here is why I chose Vuepress instead of Vue-styleguidist HERE in [FRENCH]

Thank you for reading and your support! I hope you find the plugin useful. Stay tuned :).

Ps: If you like vuepress-plugin-docgen feel free to star and support with patreon :)

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