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Intro to Ngrx and Ngrx Deep Dive and Best Practices with Ngrx

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Are you thinking to start learning Ngrx with Angular?

Ngrx is more than a library. As per the docs of Ngrx this is what they have to say.

NgRx is a framework for building reactive applications in Angular. NgRx provides state management, isolation of side effects, entity collection management, router bindings, code generation, and developer tools that enhance developers experience when building many different types of applications.

The below talks will provide an overview of Ngrx. Gugan and Wes did a great job in covering aspects of Ngrx. Thank you for speaking at our community meetups Wes and Gugan.

Intro to Ngrx by Gugan

Deep Dive on Ngrx by Wes Grimes(@wesgrimes )

Ngrx Best Practices for Enterprises by Jordan Powell


Ngrx Docs - https://ngrx.io/docs
Online Meetups - https://www.javascriptandfriends.com/communityevents

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It was an honor to present at JS and Friends! Would be happy to come back anytime.


Sure Wes. Hope to meet you soon.