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re: Okay maybe this is not clear from the post: I'm not against frameworks! I'm against everybody doing its own thing! Use frameworks like Polymer, s...

I don't know if I'd put lit element in the same category as React. But I do see how they overlap.

We decided against Stencil because it doesn't allow you to extend other components. Lit element has obviously superseded Polymer. So the only real choice at this point is LitElement.

Writing an app only using LitElement presents a number of problems. How do you do routing? How do you do forms? To give two examples you gave in your article. We found ourselves rolling our own code or pulling in libraries. I mentioned this above... I'll wait for your next article to see how you solve these I guess.

I don't have this series planed very far.

The point I wanted to make there was:

Instead of having like 20 implementations of forms it would be nice to have 1 but a really good one! Maybe it does not exists now but if we would use web components for that at least i think that we would have a way better product at the end.

I get what you're saying. Part of the problem I think is that there is never one golden solution. There are always pros and cons. And even worse everyone has their own opinion about how things should work. Still I agree that web components are going to help cull the field of tech currently out there.

There are webcomponents that handle routing,you actually don't need a framework to build SPAs.

Web components that are widely adopted, have a strong community, and are production ready?

I never said it couldn't be done. I have an app in production that proves it can. But I'm not proud of what we did. I think there are better solutions.

There is not one gold solution and I'm not saying to ditch frameworks in general.

My point was that there should be one target.

Yes, this target right now is HTML but still, I can not easily take my reactjs component and put it into vue for example.

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