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SVG Cleanup

Sometimes you'll look inside the markup of an SVG file and you'll see a TON of extra data that is almost definitely superfluous:


I came across this great tool called SVGOMG, by Jake Archibald, which lets you easily toggle SVG features like doctype, comments, metadata, etc. to reduce the file size:


As you toggle options you'll see how much savings the new file will have. When you're done you'll be able to copy or download the smaller output:


I particularly love the realtime preview the tool has so you can see how the quality stays as you toggle options. And it's also great for devs like me who have OCD about unnecessary code! ๐Ÿงผ

Here's a quick video of how to use it:

SVG cleanup

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Doug Elkin

This is powered by svgo, which is what I use when optimizing SVG files. I would personally prefer the CLI for this. It's quicker because it edits files in-place (no needing to open + download and replace file using a web browser), and it also allows multiple files at once. That said, cool project, and nice article!