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JS1024 started! Javascript & GLSL competition

JS1024 is a online contest where people submit short programs under 1024 bytes, made in JS, HTML or GLSL.

Some of you might be familiar with JS1K or js13kGames. Both of them are code-golfing competitions. JS1k ended last year, so I thought it will be nice to recreate it because some of the demos from there were amazing!

JS1024 started on 1st of July and ends on 15th of July.

These are the rules:
• Your code must have a maximum of 1 KiB of code
• No malicious/harmful code allowed
• It's not allowed to extract personal data from users
• No external files allowed (external scripts and images will be automatically blocked)
• Do not share your private participant key (you will use it to rate other projects)
• You should also upload a readable (and commented) version of your code to help people understand it

Sounds easy, right?

There are also 4 categories:
• Classic canvas (JS, context 2d)
• p5.js project (JS)
• Shader demo (GLSL)
• No shim (HTML, everything is made from scratch)

The person with the highest rating in each category gets the fabulous #1 place and some money.

Press here for more details. Check it out, the entry is free.

Good luck!

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