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re: They work like black magic. It's actually kind of clear why they behave like they do (they're called in sequence), but the consequences in terms o...

To add to this already great comment, hooks have felt more like a fad, not only in the way it was introduced but also the way it was adopted. For example, hooks was released partly to help with newer developers that don't understand classes. Some of my primary concerns are that the JavaScript community and ES standards have been heading in the direction of more OOP with ES6 -> ESNext. Hooks are a fork essentially moving away from that and more down the functional route. I agree there are times and places for hooks, but I feel they can be overused.

For instance, when you come across a functional component that has 6 different useEffect calls, the function ends up being 1k lines long, which isn't manageable. The same goes for finding a class componentWillReceiveProps that is super long too, the tool is only as good as the person using it.

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