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I forked a GitHub repo my first week at work, then had to delete it when I realized I'd forked the wrong one. Well, despite GitHub's repeated warnings, I managed to delete the source repo, not the fork. There were at least 6 open PRs in active development against it, and nobody had a full local clone that we could use to restore it. Thankfully, GitHub support was incredibly helpful and restored it.

The worst part is that some sympathetic coworkers humorously explained that this happens to all GitHub n00bs at some point. The problem was that I'd been using GH for at least 5 years at that point, and I should have known better.


That's a good thing to know that Github has backups


I wouldn’t rely on that option, though. We’re a big, visible company. Your results may vary.


Git should give peptalk before trying any thing in cli mode.


You are not alone Jason! I have ten years experience and LAST WEEK I merged a big commit not realizing another feature was finished first and already merged that had conflicts with my code. Thank God for merge tool or it would have been a sh*t show! Instead I walked away with my tail between my legs and a chance to fix my code. Moral of the story: it’s why we have versioning tools - we are all Human and will make mistakes 👍😀

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