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It's the holidays. Here is a gift you can pass along..

Every year at Christmas time I think about how important it is to reach out to family and friends who need to hear a friendly voice. The truth is , you never know what someone else is going through and your call or text, or card might be one thing that brightens their day. Especially if someone is used to being home alone, maybe they're shy and introverted and this time of year can be especially difficult for them.

This last year has been tough and there are even more people who feel forgotten and alone then ever before. We all can help each other one person at a time.

I commit to at least one phone call, card or text every day up to January 2 that will hopefully make someone else feel cared for, cared about, thought about, remembered -- call it whatever..

Put aside old grudges, prejudices and pre-conceived notions.
Spread the love -- because we are all being human together.

I commit to reaching out..
Hope my changes get merged and go live...

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Margo McCabe

This is a really great reminder, it only takes a few minutes to pick up the phone and call. Thank you!