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There's an absurd amount of stuff I want to learn

  • RHEL admin stuff!
  • Flutter!
  • Ionic!
  • Stencil!
  • Svelte!
  • Spring!
  • Polymer!
  • Xamarin!
  • Ruby!
  • Rails!
  • Aurelia!
  • PowerBI!
  • Adonis!
  • Sanic!
  • Vue!

..and so many more


React is fun! Even though I'm not an "expert" React dev I wouldn't call it something "new" for me. I not-so-recently demoed NLP in the browser using React. Check it out:


If I could add a new programming skill it would be machine learning. I always run into places in my projects where I would like to make train an awesome ml model. I have knowledge, but not extensive enough knowledge. A second skill would be devops.



GitHub logo jakevdp / PythonDataScienceHandbook

Python Data Science Handbook: full text in Jupyter Notebooks

Python Data Science Handbook

Binder Colab

This repository contains the entire Python Data Science Handbook, in the form of (free!) Jupyter notebooks.

cover image

How to Use this Book


The book was written and tested with Python 3.5, though other Python versions (including Python 2.7) should work in nearly all cases.

The book introduces the core libraries essential for working with data in Python: particularly IPython, NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit-Learn, and related packages Familiarity with Python as a language is assumed; if you need a quick introduction to the language itself, see the free companion project A…

It introduces you to many practical skills with the basic tools of ML.

Then go to and try some of the learner competitions. Check out highly upvoted kernels. You'll get exposed to real code running real models, and you'll see for yourself what's popular in the community in terms of libraries and algos


OMG I have that. Its about 3 titles down on my reading list. Thank you for sharing those resources, too. If you have any more, please do share!


Totally agree - ML is the future: Along with AI, VR (better & Better).


TypeScript. It fun to work with JavaScript, but I would surely appreciate the type-safety, IDE refactorings and the nice features that it provides related to Inference and Types


That is interesting. Typechecking has always been a little nebulous to me. Would love to see an "explain it to me like I'm five" post on this. I did find this: and it was helpful. What do you think?
Thanks for the input!


Not just as to guard against the input to the function, but also as designing a solution with Type System, so that the possible solution to a problem is constrained to only one solution using Types. I would see if I get an example to send it your way! Thanks


If I could add a new programming skill it would be learning Clojure

I tried to learn it one time, as I was in awe of the idea of 100% functional programming, but had a very tough time wrapping my head around everything.


Closure is excellent; but definitely very difficult stuff. What do you want to use it for?


I was interested as an alternative to Java, and to potentially use it for more CPU intensive tasks. I read circleci uses Clojure as it scales extremely well.

Overall it seemed like just a challenge to learn, and boy was it a challenge haha.


If I could add a new programming skill it would be embedded system programming. I love tinkering with devices (Digital Audio Player, Mechanical Keyboard, smart*) and I believe it will be a very marketable skill as a lot of our needs are met by those devices.


Same for me Judith! I am taking a look through Kirk Byer's Python for network administrators course. And various other guides. But I need to practice on a project for myself soon.

If I had my choice, I would also be an expert in PowerShell. Quite useful as a toolkit especially now with Windows and Linux coalescing more and more.



So true! I remember I used to pray for a Linux subsystem in Windows! Win10 made my enterprise experience soo much better! Kudos on Powershell - that is awesome! Let me know how it goes.

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