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Discussion on: I'm a UX UI developer, ask me anything!

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Judith Ask Me Anything

That is a really awesome question. I ask it to myself almost every time I start a project! Here are my top five:

  1. Learn to interpret the research you get from UAT. If you want to fast-track your comfort level with this you can buy reports from sites like Baymard but it will cost you.
  2. Study design systems like Atomic (blog post), Google Material Design, Polaris, IBM, Airbnb
  3. Refine your ideas about users. Find out what the most common user groups are (men, women, 18-24, etc) and study edge cases (sub groups like elderly, visually challenged, language/hearing impaired)
  4. Get the docs for HTML5, CSS, SASS, js and deep dive. If you think you know them - you don't.
  5. Practice writing site maps and page structure based on UX for specific groups.

There are a lot more steps you can do but if you start with those more will be revealed as you go along your journey :) Thanks for the great question and good luck! Namaste!