What Developers Should Ask in QA Interview

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So I been started to ask to be part of the interview process for new possible new QA resources. As a developer what type of questions do you ask? I mean the person is already be asked QA type questions but the other QA people that are interviewing that person. But I was wondering what type of questions other devs ask.

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How did you become a developer and what motivated you to go this path initially?
I always ask how they become a developer and what the intentions were to start off.
Don't value the answer to that question, just listen and accept it.
There are many positive aspects to this:

It is comforting the person because this gives spaces to talk freely and talk a lot so the person will feel comfortable. An experience is that if one person talks a lot in a conversation, this person will most likely feel like it was a good conversation.
Sometimes this gives a good view on how passionate the person is and what the motivations are.

Which is your side project / private project you are proud of the most?
Next I ask which side project / private project the person is proud of the most.
Interesting points with this:
Side business is positive for some companies but negative for others. My opinion on this: it is always good for both sides, if it is not directly in competition to the company itself.

Linguistic diversity is also positive because it suggests that the person is willing to learn new stuff and is open minded. Also that there are no problems with learning something new. This means programming languages, but could also fit for spoken languages.

Think of a typical work day in the past. What hindered your efficiency the most?
This one gives also space for an open talk and it allows to rage a little bit (in a polite way of course).
It also tells what the developer cares about regarding the work environment and can give you good arguments to convince, if you fulfill one of the points or have a good solution / process already implemented to solve this.
Also if you have similar problems in the existing team, solving this is predestined for a first task if the developer starts in the team.


Sorry, maybe the question was not clear. I am looking for what developers as a QA person who is interviewing for a QA position


Oh sorry I got it wrong.

Then I'd flip those questions. I would tell them one thing that stood in the way of beeing efficient in the past and ask if they had such a situation before and if, how they dealt with it.

I'd also ask common stuff like:

  • how they approach remote work (if possible)
  • how much traveling is expected (I personally like to travel for example)
  • How important code quality is to them and additionally how serious they take it to achieve this (code reviews, included in estimations or internal budgets)
  • How they test. Automated or manual? Documentation? Even testing at all?
  • how they approach educational things (how regular, does the developer has to come up with specific trainings he want to take part or is there an instance that organizes those)

If they are working agile (at least saying so), let them talk about their way to become agile. This is always interesting because this is a long process and can tell you how they tackle issues, resolve conflicts and how well the team work together und changing conditions. And it gives you insight into their daily business.

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