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Advice on rolling out new features.

jringeisen profile image Jonathon Ringeisen ・1 min read

Hey everyone! I started a Saas business 2 years ago which I built from the ground up using Laravel and a handful of other technologies. I recently released a feature that required me to get rid of the old feature and I received a little bit of pushback from some of my users.

How do I allow the user to access both the old and the new feature without spinning up a beta version on another server? You know when a big company is pushing an update and there's usually a notification that says "Want to try the new version?" and you click it and "poof!" you're on the same site but a new version and you can switch back, how is this accomplished?

I would love to be able to implement something like this going forward in order to offer a better user experience for my users.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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pankajtanwarbanna profile image
Pankaj Tanwar • Edited

I can think of having a "version" for any user and have the APIs according to that. You will need to have both code anyways!

rramname profile image
Rohit Ramname

Sounds like perfect use case for a concept called "feature flags".

jringeisen profile image
Jonathon Ringeisen Author

Great article! This is perfect for what I'm trying to accomplish.