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Josefina R.
Josefina R.

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Nevertheless, Josefina Coded

I began coding because...

I really don't know. Unlike most of my girls friends, and despite being a Barbie obsessed girl, thanks to my dad (a coder himself) coding and technology always fascinated me, and I always considered computer science as a possible career for my future.

I used to look at my dad typing faster than anyone in the world, and I would try to figure out what those white letters on a black background meant. I guess that's what made me study computer science and start coding!

I'm currently hacking on...

I now work on an open source company, doing some coding, consulting. Many projects ongoing, so I am lucky to be able to change everyday on what I do, sometimes front-end, sometimes back-end.

I'm excited about...

Not having limits! With coding skills, you can do anything. I like trying to think ideas to solve random problems I come across, and there is no limit on what you can achieve!

My advice for other women who code is...

Go for it!!!

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