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ArchWSL++ brings Arch Linux to WSL and more

Consider this the post that supersedes my previous post! ArchWSL++ brings ArchLinux to Windows using Windows Subshell for Linux (WSL), but also installs all the stuff that makes WSL look spectacular.

ArchWSL++ builds on top of what ArchWSL offers by including visual "unixporn"-like features that frankly should be an option when you install WSL. Plus, I've made some suggestions as to some terminal toys that are fun little features that are sure to either impress your friends or make the jealous.

But there is no need for envy. This Github repo (which will likely be turned into pages on my Github site soon since it is more documentation than download) offers some step-by-step instructions to make your Windows Terminal awesome. The only thing better would be running a Linux Machine with these features, which sadly my coding boot camp wouldn't let me use my Linux box despite the fact that EVERYTHING can be done on Linux, except for running Slack in an app which probably why we can't use Linux despite it still being possible to use Slack in a web browser. (FIX YOUR S$#&, SALESFORCE!)

At any rate, I'm going to keep this post short today. Any future updates regarding ArchWSL++ will be pushed to the repo on my Github.

Have fun with this!

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