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Juan Pablo Ramirez
Juan Pablo Ramirez

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Recently I had a project that required to get thousands of URL's and convert them into PDF. After reviewing a few and complicated tools I decided to create my own.

I admit that I'm bias towards GO, as I believe is an extremely versatile, fast and easy to pick up language. I did tried to write the same in Python, but this small tools cost me around 2 hours in GO, while.. in python in my case I would be still looking for examples and code styles.

Another was the package system, I really like the whole concept of sending only a binary thing.

It's simple enough for now, as it just uses chromium browser to do the PDF, I added classes and functions to also read an Excel file, as my project required to do it.

I think that the best part is the command line capabilities, the configuration file and the usage of the makefile to automate the building and the release in github.

I will continue to add functionality to this tool, please , feel free to comment, ask for features, PR and so on.


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Matt McCullough

Conveniently you can use the Go SDK at to get running quickly with converting HTML files to PDF