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re: What are some common falsehoods about working as a software developer? VIEW POST

re: good joke - the product designers should be "asking" not telling programmers what to do!

Since when we programmers know what to do for the customers?
It's a reality we fall in rabbit holes all the time and we forget that at the end it's all about the user and the usage.

Reality is, 90% of people have no idea what to do for customers, including customers, programmers, founders, project managers.

Only experience can teach that, and very often people dont learn on failures for a long time.

Well, experience certainly helps.

But the speed at which we gain experience is pretty much directly tied to our willingness to listen, learn, and communicate effectively with the people around us, whether that is customers, coworkers, or business leaders.

As developers we have a lot of direct ways of improving our ability to communicate and learn from the people we're working with and for, as well as plenty of opportunities to get support where needed to get better at those things. But developing a human-centric rather than tech-centric mindset is a key starting point for those who want to head down that road.

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