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About Core Web Tools

Core Web Tools is a directory with web tools for internet users. It’s created with minimal server usage for near to zero-carbon emission in mind.


There are a lot of great small utility apps on the web, and I think they are not getting enough attention. I wanted to make the app easy to use, that’s why there is no signup or tons of unnecessary stuff, just a list of links with small preview.

Core Web Tools


  • List of tools, apps or services,
  • Option to save them for later.

Submission Rules

To be honest there are no restrictions in that matter. You can submit anything, but not everything will be added right away. You can add your small and clunky side-project, or big paid service. It’s hard to decide at this moment what tools should be listed.

For now the priority are small web apps that solve some problem using just a JavaScript in your web browser, no servers and so on; or apps which don’t have any fancy landing page to get visibility.

However, I added a few services which have paid options because they are actually used in this project, so I think they deserve being listed.

Core Web Tools SubmissionFill submission form

Technology Stack

Core Web Tools Stack

What’s next?

If the project will be used by more people than myself, I would like to review listed tools and posts them every week or month as collection of ‘My favourites’, ‘Designer Tools’ or ‘Web Developer 2021’.

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