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Discussion on: How to Setup TailwindCSS for a Custom Ghost Theme

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Joseph Pollone

Thanks for the write-up, Matt. Just wanted all to know that this is relevant as of today (MAR 2021) with Ghost v4.1.0 and TailwindCSS v2.4.0.

For those of you new to dependencies, just be aware that you may need to adjust your system according to the package's requirements. Watch the console and correct accordingly.

For example, when I ran yarn it wanted to use an older version of NodeJS, so I installed v12.13.0 that was expected via the error message. (I use NVM so it's quite easy to do.)

One notable error was an incompatibility running yarn dev with Tailwind:
Error: PostCSS plugin tailwindcss requires PostCSS 8.

Follow these instructions to re-install Tailwind's compatibility build.