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Jean-Phi Baconnais
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GitLab 13.8 Release

Like each month, GitLab create a new release and this month, it's the 13.8. And for the first time, i would like to speak about some functionnalities. All the features are detailed in this GitLab blog post.

GitLab CI

In this release, there are many plaisant news features about GitLabCI. You can now edit your pipeline, visualize it and valid it without push your modification, producing a new execution of your pipeline.

The CI lint was already available but now, it's execute automaticly when your make a modification in the editor. So you can see any error like this case :

Ci Lint error

and when your pipeline is valid. You will win time to build pipeline.

Ci Lint Valid

You can see graphicly your pipeline with the visualize panel. When you have relation between you job, there are visible. It's usefull when you have big and complex pipeline :

Ci Lint visualize

Links :

Send an email by issue

Another feature, send an email to an issue. I don't know if you use the service desk, but it's very convenient. GitLab affect you an email adress whith witch you can send you a email and the bot create an issue with the informations of the email. Usefull to save issue quickly in your kanban board.

In this release, GitLab allows to have a email adress by issue.


This allow to save comment automatically in the issue when you send a email.

If you send a mail to this adress with a body text, you will see your text in the issue like a comment.

email send

comment added with the mail

Multi lines comment

Click and drag multiline merge request comments it's a new feature which allow to comment a block of code. Simple but a usefully feature !

Multilines Comment

Others features

GitLab pages

There are others features in this release, as the availability of GitLab Pages on instances running on Kubernetes.

Issue and scope affectation

If you currently use boards to manage your issues, there is the scope which arrived in this release. You can affect an issue in the current iteration. Not yet available in free version. More informations on this page.


This release come with new functionality on the analytics of your deployments. It's not available in all the version but only ultimate version. More information on this page.

and many others ...

And many others describe here. Again a great job of GitLab Team ! 👏

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