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Discussion on: My 2020 web development setup

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Jean-Philippe Chateau

Thant you for sharing your setup!

I just set up wakatime to give it a try, it sounds fun!

As a PHP and JS developer, here are the tools I use everyday:
PHPStorm of course, but it works well for JS and nodejs too. Licence is paid by my company. Secondary editor is vim.

I mainly use Firefox as browser, and Chrome when I need a specific add-on, but it becomes rare nowadays.

About the stack: LAMP, LEMP mainly. I also use Mongo and/or Elasticsearch, depending of my customer.
I use MySQL Workbench and I am running Ubuntu (always the latest version).

In terms of deployment tools, I use Jenkins and Gitlab CI on the projects I work, and I use Github / Travis for OSS.

Jira / Confluence are the main tools used for project management.
Trello for my personal projects.

PHP QA: phpcs, phpmd, phpmetrics, phpstan (<3), phpunit, codeception (I dislike this last one).
JS QA: eslint, codeclimate. Mocha for testing. Webpack for bundling.

APM: New Relic (if the customer has money $_$), and/or Kibana.
Chat: Slack
Webperf: GTmetrix, Yellow lab tools, and web page test of course.

Other tools: mindmeister for mind mapping and moqups for wireframes!

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Henry Shepherdson

This is great as well, thanks for the details. There is still so much to learn!