Discussion on: What JS Libraries Have You Made?

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JP Antunes

I was working on two small libraries earlier this year but I haven't had time to write some tests and do a final review, so I haven't published them yet. Some feedback would be great though!

First one is a re-write of JSBloom with LZ-String compression algorithm support. I did it because I wanted to understand how a bloom filter works and the module I found on Mozilla's repo had enough "holes" on it that it was fun to refactor.

Second on is the world's smallest Ethereum signer! It allows cryptographically signing and verifying messages as well as generating wallets from a given PK. Vitor Maia had gotten it down to 52k (compressed) while my version is 39K... uncompressed. I incorporated the noble-secp256k1's code because it uses the native BigInt type instead of the huge and messy BN module most commonly used in crypto libraries and it allowed me to refactor away more than 5000 LOC :-)