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Simple tip for your product meetings.

I'm busy

Print "KEEP IT LEAN" on a piece of paper and put the paper on a visible place during your meeting.

Like this

I have a minute

Marketing, SEO, BizDev, Product owner and WebDev people.

We spent two days locked up in a meeting room with a simple goal.

Design a website which would enable our clients to buy and manage their licenses.

2 days is way too long.

I was so upset, angry and tired after the first day. It felt like we have done a big amount of nothing.

Next morning, I printed out "KEEP IT LEAN" on a piece of paper with the biggest font that fit. Here I prepared it for you

Now when we heard a feature like:

"Merge private accounts with company accounts so they can (whatever was the argument)"

Someone would just grab that piece of paper and remind everyone that that's not the problem we're solving.

We were done by lunch-time.

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