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Few of the useful resources that I use as programmer

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When I started as a beginner I didn't know what things to use, how to use, what to read & where to read which would help me in my developing phases and make my journey a little smoother.

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So, initially my journey was rough, most of the beginner's journey are I guess. But slow and steady I started stumbling upon some of the resources which I was very intrigued about and wonder if it was available to me long before.

Some of the resources was introduced by tutorials from either YouTube or some courses online or from reading some blogs.
I still remember, I felt like I had discovered a new tool for me to be greater at paths.

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I am just being too dramatic, you can ignore that.
Well I feel I should share these resources so that any beginner who might be looking for it may stumble into this post and stumble less in their path to greatness.

So, these are the list of some of the resources that i use(random orders) :

  1. Json pretty print
    • It is used to format a compacted json document into a human readable format.
  2. Markdown github guides
    • It consists of basic markdown syntax which is used mostly and i refer to it when not in mind.
  3. Codesandbox
    • An online code editor just like vs code, how cool is that. You can edit online, save online, push changes to respostiory online and what not. This is a must try resource.
  4. Coggle a mind map creator
    • This is one of the best i came across, It is so satisfying to be able to arrange your thoughts and ideas so systematically. When some might prefer pen and paper to be the best, but this saves time and it makes things so easy and appealing.
  5. Android material Io color tester/picker
    • This is for Android developers, here you can test out color palettes in the layout like it would appear in the real device.
  6. Online sqlite database reader
    • It is used used to read .db file which is an sqlite database file.
  7. Color palette picker
    • It is a overall color palette selector, you can select and customize custom color palettes.
  8. Online picture resizer
    • This is very helpful as i have to work a lot with pictures so it saves my time and does the work with less effort.
  9. Github markdown emojis
    • These are github emojis if one would like to use it, this is for fun.

So, hope these resources help you in anyway and will keep on updating if i come across any more. Till then see you in next stumble.

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