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Discussion on: A quick start guide to creating an app with Preact, TypeScript and Ruby on Rails

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Jovi De Croock

Hey Emma,

One of the preact-members here, thanks for this awesome piece. Heard loud and clear, we'll try to improve the getting started, at this moment we have preact-cli to get started which handles the webpack, ... I'll see if I can also start a boilerplate project in the near future. I don't know how this will extend to ruby though 😅

Enjoyed this piece!

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Emma Goto 🍙 Author

Hi Jovi, thanks so much! I don't think this was necessarily a Preact or preact-cli problem, it was more a problem of trying to get it set up and integrated with Ruby on Rails (plus the Typescript).

I've only dabbled a little bit in Preact so far and I think the biggest downside for me at the moment (versus React) is that when you Google stuff it's a lot harder to find the answers - but as I figure things out I want to try and blog about them to make things easier for the next developer who faces the same issues.