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Where can I put C++ into practice? (real world usage)

I'm aware that C++ is a powerful language that is used "everywhere"... but could we please get into specifics?

For example, servers come to mind when I think about Java, front-end interactivity would be JavaScript, Linux CLI programs coulde be Shell or Python, etc.

In that sense, what about C++? what things can I do with it that have real world usage?

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Vincent Milum Jr

C++ is actually the main language on servers too. If you look at large open-source projects like MySQL/MariaDB, this is what they use. Most command line utilities are also either C or C++, because these have no run-time dependencies.

But if you want smaller, simpler tasks, check out Arduino. They don't directly call their "language" C++, but it really is. Under the hood, it is entirely C++ with the GCC toolchain all wrapped up in a nice UI.

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Juan F Gonzalez

C++ in real world usage is pretty much game development with Unreal Engine. That's what I've seen to be the most relevant IMO.

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The underlying runtimes for each are usually written in C++/C. JS Runtimes like V8, JVM, bash, etc.