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Jonas Pfalzgraf
Jonas Pfalzgraf

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Why Bitwarden is better than KeePass2

It's 2019, and I, just finishing my first education, have been using KeePass2 for a few years now. While it's a bit inconvenient that the DB is only available as a file, I made myself a workaround at this point and sync it with Google Drive. Annoying and not perfect, but works somehow.

Then the move to my new company. They also use KeePass in a corporate context, but were already looking for a more viable alternative. And it was found.
Bitwarden. An open source project that can be either cloud or self-hosted. And with it, unimagined possibilities. Not only did we now have all the data on a central, fully encrypted server, the client was better, there was the possibility for 2 factor keys and practically for every platform, even the browsers, there was an app. In addition, the whole thing was lightweight, had a dark mode and was extremely flexible, especially through group policies and the ability to share entries. As a bonus, it was also developed in C# and TypeScript, my two main languages.

So not only my company, but also I migrated our private system to Bitwarden. This has now been almost 3 years ago, as I said. I haven't regretted a minute since the switch. The app and server are still blazingly fast, there have been some improvements, and I haven't even had any accessibility issues.

While I titled this short text “Why Bitwarden is better than KeePass2”, it should really be titled ”Why I switched to the better KeePass!”.

LG your Josun

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Pierre Bouillon

Hey @josunlp, thanks for sharing but how is this related to C# or TypeScript ?

I do understand that they are made with it but is does not seems that your article is about it 😄

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Jonas Pfalzgraf Author

Bitwarden is build in C# and TypeScript, therefore it's closely related since it's a open source project :)

🌚 Friends don't let friends browse without dark mode.

Sorry, it's true.