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Josué Rodríguez (He/Him)
Josué Rodríguez (He/Him)

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What are your goals for 2023?

Happy new year everybody! I hope this new year brings many good things to all of you and it may be a year where you grow as professionals and people.

Let's talk about your goals. What were your goals for last year? Did you accomplish those goals? Are they still in progress? Remember that progress, whether small or big, is still progress, and you should feel really proud of yourself!

What are your goals for this new year? Before starting to write this article, I was writing on a notebook some of the things that I want to accomplish for this year, and I wanted to share with you some of the things I wrote:

  • Start my journey in data science. I've always found this topic very interesting but never made the time to actually study. This year, as a way of making myself study, I bought a year subscrition to some data science courses.
  • Travel more, both inside and outside of my country. Fun fact about myself, I've never traveled outside of my country. I want to change that this year.
  • Learn more about personal finances and manage my money better.
  • Write more articles in here.
  • Practice more with my guitar and learn a silly skill like card tricks or playing with dices (I want to learn how to stack them in a cup).
  • Read a book monthly (Open to suggestions! Let me know books that you like).
  • Go to more live music events.

Let me know in the comments about some of your goals for this year!

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