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Resources to learn programming.


When you decide to switch career or just wish to learn programming, there are usually somethings that may come up. You may not have enough money to learn or just that you don't wish to spend. Also, many people say sometime that "programming is hard" - Really ?

Should you learn programming ?

Well. That question usually occurs but really the reason for you to learn programming actually depends on you and your situation. You may choose to learn to have fun, to build software that can help you and your relatives, to help others or have a career and money out of it.
You could see that one of those may appear in your mind but take 5 minutes, sit down in a quiet place and think about it. Don't forget to think too on what you'll really want to do with what you've learned.

Is programming hard ?

Actually the answer is YES and NO.
The straight forward answer to this question is "When you start learning something new, it's hard but as you go, it becomes alot easier" - practice makes perfect. You should definitely keep that in mind. This also points at you to be hardworking and you'll realise as you go that you are learning alot more than when you seat in from of your computer and procrastinate on whatever. All is a matter of writing instructions i.e telling the computer what you want it to do. At that time, your the master and you can do whatever you want. Also you could see it hard because you took the wrong start or deviated to the wrong way while learning. I've included a list of resources at the end of this post to help you get started.

What's the minimum I have to pay in order to learn some programming !

Ay. You have choice when looking at that. But it could definitely be free. If you have enough $$ and you want to spend it on a paid course, I have no deal there but you could learn all for free. There are many resources out there to learn everything from top to down without spending a penny on a course. All you need is you pc or phone or tablet and a working internet connection and your good to go. Sit on your bed, or couch and register for a course and 🤯. In about 5 months to a year learning and practicing for atleast 2 hours a day, you'll be ready to get your first freelance job. At the end of the post, I have listed some good learning resources to start.

How much can I get as a developer ?

As a developer, you can get money in myriad ways. You could post for a job, build an app, and do many other things in order to gain some money. You could Google on some of them.

Without talking too much more, here below are some tips when learning.

  • if you get stuck, stackoverflow is always there for you.

  • Try start learning a programming language, get good at using it before taking another one. That's a recurrent error people do that I too commited.

  • Remember, you can do anything with any programming language. There is always a library or framework to do what you want and if you don't find one, you can have some fun building it.

  • It will be good to by the way learn some version control like git and have a GitHub account. That will really help you out to practice because there are many opensource projects out there you can practice by helping on.

  • You may get stuck someday, you'll want to drop that out but just don't. We all encounter that situation. You can code for 30 minutes and debug for 2 hours. That's perfectly fine, it means you are really learning. There is stackoverflow to help you out.

I will add more tips as my brain gets colder. Hope you liked the article. Find below some useful links :

Resources to learn :
CS Dojo
The Net ninja
These ones are books and i really not recommend you to begin with this.Use it when you have some other basic understanding : Goal Kicker books


MoshHamedani courses
CS Dojo

Help Forums :



Practice platforms :

Coding Game
Project Euler
Code wars

I really don't want to make you get confused but I provide much so you can choose which one fits you better. Again, they are all free

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