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How to get money as a developer

Hi again. So you are a developer (of course you are). Most of us learn programming for a career, as a hobby or just to experiment but the greater percentage will do in order make money out of it for a living. Out there, there are alot of methods to get paid as a developer. Many of them don't even require you to write a line of code. In this "silly" post I will say, I've just listed some ways for you to get paid (but my main purpose is for you to experiment) with it. Your feedback is very important. I've tried some but I've not yet gotten anything so do the experiment and let's see 😜.

Ways you can use

  • The most obvious one is do freelancing : Platforms like Freelancer, UpWork and Fiverr allow you to do so very easily. You can aswell buy products and many other offers there. Again there are many other platform but they are the most popular.

  • YouTube : You probably know it too but just read on, we have another feature you can add to increase it. The most know way is using YouTube monetization and ads.

  • AdSense and Admob : They are both for ads and are for web and mobile respectively. All you need is a Google account and sign up on their respective websites. You can build a web app and or mobile app for them.

  • The last one is web monetization.: It's something somewhat new that allows you to add monetization feature to any website. There are no ads. It uses the interledger protocol for payments. You need a coil account for that. A user adds money to his account (specifically $5) and you the developer or content creator adds the monetization meta tag and key to all pages you want to monetize. As the user spends time, on your site, his account is charged and you get paid.
    As a bonus, you can add the method above on your YouTube channel and it works simarly. You can do so in your coil account settings to connect to YouTube and all your videos will be monetiezed.

We have reached the end of this "silly" post. If you found it helpful, you can share. I just want you to experiment mostly with the last method. Again, I don't use it.

You got an invite on fiverr where both of us gain. It's my first time trying out this <- way 🐥
Thanks 🙌

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Daniel Barwikowski

What are your feelings about brave rewards and brave tips?
Brave browser has a feature to tip content creator based on time spend on website or you can tip directly the comment/article (on some pages)

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Josias Aurel

I will check that out 🙃