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Free hosting services for web developers

josiasaurel profile image Josias Aurel ・3 min read

Here are some free to use hosting services for web developers

When developing a web application or website, you willl want to be able to share it with the world. Hosting
a website can be costly. Fortunately, there are a number of hosting services out there that offer a pretty descent free plan, enabling you to use them without worrying about servers. These hosting services run in the cloud and some may support Static Sites, Backend or even cloud functions. All of these services provide a subdomain link to the apps you deploy so you can share it.

Let's have them !


Vercel is an amazing service. They allow you to ewasily develop applications, previewing them before setting it to production. They provide multiple URLs for all of yours apps, each having a specific use in development. The free plan offers you the following :

  • Ability to add custom domains (max of 50 for free plan)
  • 100GB Bandwidth and storage
  • Cloud/Serverless Functions
  • Edge Network
  • CI/CD
  • Unlimited sites
  • A CLI for easy deployment


Netlify is a direct Vercel competitor. Additionally, they support handling of form submissions (100 per site per month), 1000 identified active users per site per month and site analytics.


This is a hosting service for full stack apllications in the cloud. They support Python, Ruby, Java apps and many more. Their free plan provide 550-1000 dynos (500 hours monthly compute). They support CI/CD.


This is a JavaScript only hosting service. That is, they allow you to host only JavaScript apps using their services. The free plan allows :

  • 1 app
  • 50GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited deployments


This is another cool hosting service for both backend and frontend. Their free plan allows you to host only 10 websites (static) and deploy to their global edge network. They offer 100GB monthly with bandwidth included.


This is a free service that allow you to host full stack apps in NodeJS. They allow you to worl with other languages as well. Moreover, they provide you with an editor and an integrated terminal for working. It also allows collaborative work on a project. They provide 1000 hours for all projects per month.

This other service is similar to glitch. It support so many languages and the free plan is pretty nice.


This is a static sites hosting service. Unlike the other, this one does not provide a Free SSL certificate. They have a CLI for easy deployments


Firebase is a PaaS Google service. It allows you to create application backend easily without coding. It also allows you to host static websites for free. Firebase is very easy to use and provides a CLI to manage yours apps . They also support hosting cloud functions.


This service is pretty the same as heroku except the free period is within ine month

GitHub Pages

If you have a GitHub account, this might be your go-to choice for hosting. They allow you to host static sites for free on a domain of the form : It allows you to blog, show off and host a static sites for all of your github repositories.


This service allows you to host your full stack, frontend or backend apps on their global network, supports serverless functions. Their free plan allow a max of 5 apps.


Deta allows your ro host python and node apps in the cloud. They also provide a built-in database, automatically installed on every app. They provide storage for storing files like images, videos and many more. Unfortunately they allow to deploy through their CLI only.


Fly is another hosting service that allows you to deploy yours apps on virtual machines in the cloud. They provide 160GB bandwidth per month for free and 8million compute seconds per month, descent free plan.


Fleek proovides storage, hosting and databases all in one. They allow you to deploy from version control services like bitbucket, gitlab and github. It is nice to use.

You have reached the end
Above was a list of hosting services i had collected over sometime while searching for hosting services for my websites and apps. Now you have no excuses not to deploy and share your apps to the world. I hope you liked it.

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ivanjeremic profile image
Ivan Jeremic

Digital Ocean App Platform is also interesting.

josiasaurel profile image
Josias Aurel Author

Well I would have included it if you were not required a credit card or an initial $5 payment with PayPal

abdullahalrafi profile image
bobbyiliev profile image
Bobby Iliev

Yes! I was also about to mention the new DigitalOcean App Platform and that you could host static sites on there for free.

vishnuharidas profile image
Vishnu Haridas

Since you mentioned GitHub pages, there's GitLab Pages too as an option.

philsav2017 profile image

is there any free hosting that supports database based websites like wordpress

mbonigabay profile image
Mbonigaba Yusuf

Heroku provide a way to connect to different databases

josiasaurel profile image
Josias Aurel Author

I don't know. I did not carry out any research on that. Might come soon 👌

rognoni profile image

Let me add AlterVista free PHP / MySQL shared hosting:

AlterVista Sign Up

julia6744 profile image

Thank you for this interesting information. As for me, I was cooperating together with source which is a wonderful solution today. They are helping with website hosting, so you must be sure about it. I also want to admit about their 30-day money-back guarantee, which is a perfect solution in this severe time.

shaikh profile image
Javed Shaikh

Cloudflare just announced their new service named pages for Jamstack apps. Their free plan definitely will beat all of the plans listed above.😀

josiasaurel profile image
Josias Aurel Author

I came accross it too. I am going to add it in the next update

andyst81 profile image

This is a great list. Very helpful and informative. Thanks a lot for posting.

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Hey friends that so cool, very interesting post. Any friend call me for help about your projects!

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Good thread, thanks for sharing

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What about

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Thank you so much

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Jakaria Sami

It was very helpful, Thanks lot.

josiasaurel profile image
Josias Aurel Author

Happy it helped

artydev profile image

Thanks you can add openode

wtphilip profile image
Philip Wels

Hi Josias, thank you so much for this neat list and for adding Stormkit. Really appreciate it :)